About Redhorse Constructors


Redhorse is not just a building company. As innovators in sustainability and construction technology, we live by the mantra “there is no stop.” When others say it can’t be done, we use our imagination, resolve and wealth of skilled talent to find a way and move forward.

We are committed to running projects smoothly, efficiently, and cost effectively, no matter the complexity. With our arsenal of over 30 years of expertise, we thrive on providing practical solutions to all areas of construction, such as difficult site conditions, integration of green building technologies, sophisticated mechanical and energy systems, and time/budget constraints.

We attribute our success in the industry to open communication, proactive construction management, mentorship of co-workers and efficiency on our job sites. As Redhorse has grown and matured into an exceptional special services builder, we have formed great relationships with many of the leading design professionals, sub-contractors and material fabricators in the Bay Area and beyond.

“Any project motivates us as long as it’s creative and pushes the envelope in any direction, whether it is technology based, land-use based, or construction based.”

— David Warner, Owner, Redhorse Constructors

Our Services

Beyond new construction and remodel projects, we offer several specialized services, including:

The philosophy of green building and sustainable design has been intricately woven into Redhorse’s approach to building since our founding 31 years ago.

From the selection of building and finish materials to the design and construction of the mechanical and energy systems, Redhorse can provide solutions that will help reduce your project’s impact on the planet, increase energy efficiency, and provide a healthy environment that stands the test of time.

Redhorse is frequently engaged in the conceptual phase of a project’s development. In these situations we contribute as a third partner, combined with the Owner and Design Professional Team, offering our practical construction experience and organizational resources.

We can then provide a budget based on a schematic design to determine where your project is heading, and can also offer value-engineering ideas to help your design fit within your budget.

Before a project can even break ground, there are a number of public reviews to complete and permits to obtain. This typically involves various public agencies, engineers, and consultants.

Redhorse Constructors can help coordinate this effort and guide your project through this complex process.

Many of our projects start with an undeveloped parcel that requires infrastructure to be designed and implemented.

Redhorse can help identify your site infrastructure needs early in the design phase to ensure that your project is properly supported for both current and future development.  We can also provide preliminary schematic drawings and budgets that will help streamline the engineering process, reducing design time and cost.

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